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6 Benefits of Using a Patient Portal for Your Practice

Whether you’ve just opened your first practice or you’re running a large, multi-office business, your time is extremely valuable. Finding ways to streamline practice management is a must, so you can have the time you need to provide the best care to your patients.

At HENO, we’ve been thinking about what we can do to make your life easier ⁠— and we think our new patient portal is the key to helping you grow your practice. Here are 6 benefits you’ll reap by using a patient portal for your practice

#1: Patients Can Schedule Appointments Online

Patient scheduling is part of everyday operations for healthcare providers. There may be days when it feels as if that’s all your staff does – and it can be time consuming!

One of the biggest benefits of using a patient portal for your practice is that it allows patients to log in and schedule their appointments online. The HENO portal will provide patients with information about when appointments are available. Then, they can schedule their appointments without help, leaving you and your staff free to do other things.

Now imagine coming into the office on a Monday morning and having two new patient evaluations; evaluations that were booked while you slept or enjoyed family weekend time!  They see your Facebook ad, or do a google search and find your practice. Now they can schedule without ever having to pick up the phone. That, my friends, is a huge benefit of having a patient portal in your practice!  

#2: Patients Can Complete (Customized) Intake Paperwork

This feature reduces the time patients spend in your office, allowing you to provide more efficient care. It also means that your staff won’t spend their valuable time entering patient information because the patients will do it themselves. Your office won’t experience the hold ups that can occur when patients are late to their appointments and are slowed down even further by paperwork.

With HENO’s new patient portal, you’ll be able to create custom intake paperwork for patients. It’s an opportunity to collect valuable patient information prior to their first appointment. You can ask the patient questions and know that you’ll have the answers before they arrive at your practice.

#3: Patients Can Pay Online

Entering patient payments is another time-consuming task that you and your staff handle every day. One of the biggest benefits of using a patient portal is that patients can log in to their account and submit a payment without calling your office. This not only offers convenience for your office, but for your patients as well.

HENO’s portal will track all payments. You’ll have the tools you need to determine which patient bills are outstanding and which have been paid. It makes the task of following up on outstanding invoices quick and easy. A patient portal can’t completely eliminate the need for invoice follow-ups, but it can greatly reduce the time you spend doing it.

#4: Existing Patients Can Update Information Online

Patients move, change jobs, and switch insurance providers all the time. When they do, it means that you or a member of your staff must follow up with them to get their updated information to bill their insurance company and keep accurate records.

Patients can simply log in to the portal and update their information at any time. You won’t need to make a phone call to get the information you need. The portal is accessible 24 hours a day, which means that patients can update their information while you’re asleep or seeing other patients.

patient portal

#5: Utilizing a Wait List is Simple

Sometimes, a patient wants to get in for an appointment quickly and asks to be notified if a slot becomes available. Without a portal, you or one of your employees would need to keep track of a waiting list and contact the people on it when an appointment opens up.

With our patient portal, patients can use the portal to ask to be notified of openings as they become available. They’ll get a notification, which they can then use to claim the appointment -- without your staff spending any of their valuable time juggling the schedule.

#6: You Can Market the Portal

Acquiring new patients can be time-consuming and expensive. Likewise, it can be difficult to determine the best marketing strategy to help you grow your practice. Advertising that you have an online portal for patients to use can help you do two things at once:

  1. Attract new patients with a marketing campaign

  2. Sign up new patients at all hours of the day

Marketing your portal as a way for patients to manage their own appointments and view health records can help you grow your practice. You can market your portal to your email list or on social media ⁠— and sign up new patients around the clock.

Patient portals are widely available and offer benefits to both healthcare providers and patients. Choosing a practice management solution that has a patient portal feature, like HENO, can help you streamline your practice administration and offer patients the ability to schedule, pay, and view their records online.

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